7 Advantages of Solar Attic Fans

Keep Your Cool

When hot air gets trapped in your attic, the temperature can rise to a sweltering 160° F. Eventually, that heat has to go somewhere. Often it’s right through the ceiling insulation into your living space.

A solar attic fan diverts this downward heat transfer. Positioned on your roof, the fan begins running as soon as the sun’s rays hit it. As the blades spin, they draw out the hot air from inside your superheated attic and replace it with the cooler air from outside. This process of hot air out, cooler air in continues until the sun sets. Your home stays comfortable all day while keeping your A/C use and energy bill in check. 

Defend Your Roof

Built-up attic heat can cause trauma to your home’s roof and internal structures putting a major dent in your wallet. A solar fan helps preserve the integrity and beauty of your home by venting hot air before it does any harm.

Dry Is Why

Moisture is just as damaging as heat. During the winter, warm water vapor from showers, dishwashers and humidifiers rises and accumulates in your attic. It condenses as it contacts cold surfaces there, eventually soaking into the wood and insulation. If left as is, it could rot your wood framing, reduce your insulation’s effectiveness, and spur mold and mildew growth. Keeping your attic dry with a solar attic fan can help you avoid hefty repair bills.

Pocket Your Cash

Everything comes at a cost. Except solar attic fans. They run using the sun’s energy, so you won’t pay a dime for electricity. You also won’t need to hire an electrician because there’s no wiring.

Quick and Easy

It only takes about two hours to get your new fan. Units come ready to install, so there’s no complicated assembly required or big construction mess to clean up. 

Zero Maintenance

Once your solar attic fan is installed, you can leave your ladder in the garage. It’s designed to be maintenance-free, so you won’t have to make any trips to the roof for servicing.

Credit from Uncle Sam

Get financially rewarded for installing a solar fan. You can get a federal tax credit on both the product and installation fees. 

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling an old classic, Solar Star Attic Fans are a smart investment. They keep you cool, save you money, and help protect your home from the harsh extremes of the seasons.

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